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Why focus on long-tail keywords for small business SEO?

Long-tail keywords could be the key to search success for your small business online. Learn how to find them and use them to rank and write better.
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How to Boost Your Social & Build Authority (For Free!)

What is content curation and how can you leverage it to improve your online rep? Learn how to get started here.
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6 Simple Writing Tips for Bloggers

There’s always room for improvement in writing. As a professional writer, I’m always looking for ways to streamline my writing process and improve the reader experience. The way you learnt
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Copy vs Content: How to Make Your Blog More Awesome

I was looking at marketing job advertisements, and I noticed the apparent interchangeability of “copy” and “content”. Were these companies looking for a copywriter or a content writer? Both? Then
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Why Your Blog Needs a Style Guide & How to Make One

Did you know that 70% of people prefer learning about products through content? With the benefit of content marketing being so clear, businesses must maintain a consistent and targeted presence online. An easy
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Why You Need to Stop Relying on Spellcheckers

Many of us rely on the spellcheck tools integrated into our favourite word processors. The helpful tool has become so popular and widely used that it’s now being blamed for poor
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