How much does copywriting cost?

Yes, there are prices here.

Do you want to hire a copywriter but realised no writers include prices on their websites? It’s frustrating, but there’s a good reason for it; your project is unique. No project will require the same amount of work, the same process, or even the same smaller tasks.

For every project, I provide a personalised quote. Whether you are looking for copyediting, business blogging, or copywriting, I will calculate the nitty-gritty of what you need to achieve your goal. I don’t work on hourly rates, so what I quote is what you will pay. That means no surprises when you get the invoice.

Any quotes I provide are based on metrics. For an idea of what your project will cost, take a look at the rate card below. The final quote will also consider the current quality of your work, bundle pricing, and timelines.

Remember—your project is unique, so your quote will be too.


Want to know how much copywriting costs without sending an email? The rates below are the basis for my personalised quotes.

From $0.10 (10 cents) per word. 

Blog content and copywriting is generally longer form. I advise a minimum of 500 words per blog, depending on your niche and the blog’s topic. Price may be dependent on other factors, including research, keyword optimisation, stock images.

All blog content is thoroughly copy edited and proofread.  

From $0.50 (50 cents) per word.

Landing pages and web pages are often shorter, but require a lot of expertise, time, and knowledge of your market to be effective. 

From $0.50 (50 cents) per word.

Social media copy is a great addition to your blog content. Professionally written copy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can encourage your audience to click through to your blog or website. 

From $0.06 (six cents) per word.


Please note that this is only an indication of what your final cost may be. All quotes are personalised to your project, and pricing may vary depending on other factors.

Small Budgets

Nobody should go without professional digital marketing advice.

For small businesses on small budgets, I offer completely bespoke services. Book a complimentary strategy session, where we will discuss your business, your goals, and how you can reach them without spending a ton of money.

Your business is unique; your digital approach should be too.

Better content. Designed for you.

Your brand is different. Let your customers know with unique content and copy.